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Glass Set Of 4 (Shot) - Game Of Thrones

SKU 5055453452345
Colour: N/A
Model: SHT4GT01
GAME OF THRONES Shot Glasses (Set of 4) - Sigils This shot gkasses set is an absolute must-have for every fan of ''A song of Ice and Fire'' series. The front of each glass features the sigils of the four main houses in the story, while the back features that house's words; house Stark's grey direwolf and "Winter is Coming", house Lannister's yellow lion and "Hear me Roar", house Targaryen's red three headed dragon and "Fire and Blood" and house Baratheon's gold crowned stag and "Ours is the Fury". Each glass also features an enlarged version of the sigil in a frosted finish. A perfect addition to any Game of Thrones display.